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Important Dates

June 23 - Grade 8 Grad

June 27 - Report Cards go home

June 28 - Prince Philip WE Day

June 29 - Last Day of school

June 30 - PD Day (Office open)

Welcome to Prince Philip Public School!

Vote for one of our own!

Please visit www.canadashistory.ca and view the videos of the District School Board of Niagara's Young Citizens:

Erin - La Croix Rouge Canadienne (Prince Philip NF)

Janvi - Craig Kielberger (St. David's)

Joanee - First Nations History (Harriet Tubman)

Then please vote for each of our DSBN students! You may vote for many different students, but only once for each student.

Voting: June 13 - July 6.

This is a national competition, which complements the Heritage Fairs program. There are 200 students across Canada who have created videos of their heritage fair projects. Winners will receive an all expense paid trip to Ottawa in the fall, to attend the Canada's History Youth Forum.

Good luck to our DSBN Young Citizens!

Family Fun Fair - Wednesday, May 25!

Our Family Fun Fair is tomorrow! Check out our up to date information right here!




We hope to see you there!

Grade 8 Graduation

Parents/guardians: Please check out this notice which includes details about Grade 8 Graduation and ordering information!

End-of-year Awards

Please visit the following links to see criteria for our end-of-year awards!

Grade 8

Grades 4, 5, 6, 7

Hour of Code

Students at PP had an opportunity to try out their Computer Science skills with the DSBN's Hour of Code week from December 7th-11th. Using well-known themes such as Flappy Bird, Minecraft, and Star Wars from the Code.org site, students learned about the increasingly essential computational language of coding. With significant links to mathematical processing skills, and a plethora of jobs opening up that require employees to master basic coding skills, this was a great opportunity to help build students' skills and knowledge in an engaging way.

Thanks to all student mentors and teachers who took the time to organize and particpate. In the end, over 350 Prince Philip students participated in an hour of coding that week. We hope to continue to encourage our students to develop this increasingly important universal language.

Grade 8 Grad

Note! Grad photos will be taken on April 6 and the Grade 8 graduation celebration is on Thursday, June 23 in the evening at The Americana.

SAC Minutes

Read the minutes from our January meeting here.

Read the minutes from our November meeting here.

Read the minutes from our October meeting here.

Read the minutes from our September meeting here.

March Break Basketball Camp!

Check out this form if you are interested in this great opportunity!

Start-up: Helpful Information

Please visit NSTS for the latest bus information.

2015-2016 Elementary School Year Calendar

Suggested school supplies: While these supplies are in no way mandatory, they are a guide for you if you would like to purchase items for your child. Individual teachers may send home more specific recommendations.

2015-2015 Code of Conduct

Summer Information

Beginning June 29, we will be closed for the summer. The school will re-open on Monday, August 31st for registration in preparation for the first day of school, Tuesday, September 8th.

All Report Cards that were not picked up at the school were mailed to the student’s home on June 24. If you require general transportation information please visit the NSTS web site or call Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290.

For other DSBN information please visit the DSBN web site or call 905-641-1550 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Have a safe and happy summer!

End-of-year Newsletter

Thanks for a great year!!! Please check out our Summer 2015 newsletter. Have a safe and happy summer!

MS Bike

The Niagara MS Bike even will take place on Sunday, August 23. Please visit the web site to get more information and to register!

Information about Measles

Note for parents/guardians regarding measles (paper copy sent home with students on February 18).

Parking Lot Safety

In an effort to ensure good communication and to ensure that the safety of our students is maintained, we feel the need to address the ongoing incidents on McMicking that continue to put our students at risk. Since prior to our Winter Break, we have been in communication with DSBN Facilities staff, Niagara Falls Public Works and Traffic Enforcement staff, NSTS Transportation, as well parents and residents discussing traffic issues on McMicking during our Entry and Dismissal times.

On January 19th, we had a meeting with all stakeholders to further assess the problems we are encountering with traffic and the safety of our studentsWe observed many behaviours that ranged from drivers that were not obeying the parking/stopping restrictions near our school to drivers exiting or entering the school parking lot incorrectly despite the one-way signs.

In addition, we have been discussing short term solutions and long term solutions to this ongoing issue.  We have replaced old signs and place new ones for better visibility and discussed the potential creation of a "Kiss & Ride" system for September 2015. 

In order to ensure that all of our families are aware of what is permitted and what is in violation of the City's parking/stopping regulations, we have included a two page information sheet that clearly states what is permitted and what is a parking violation according to the City of Niagara Falls.  In addition, we have included a map of our school community, particularly surrounding McMicking St./Dorchester Rd., and Piva Ave.  This map clearly illustrates areas in which all families should avoid parking and those in which they are permitted to stop. Adherence to these expectations will ensure the necessary flow of traffic and buses, as well as the safety of all our students.

The City of Niagara Falls Enforcement Office will be closely monitoring and patrolling periodically to issue tickets for any violations.  We have also directed Bus Duty staff to help patrol the McMicking St. exit. We will be approaching drivers who are not following these rules.   

With continued hope that we have full cooperation and that our families will continue to help and ensure the safety of our students, we respectfully request that you take the time to read the information outlined on the attached sheets and share it with others who may be picking up your children.

If you would like further information and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the administration of the school or our Parent Council Executive.

Note About Bussing

Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to ride a bus other than his/her regular bus. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might pose but for liability and student safety reasons, the transfer of busses is strictly prohibited.

Family of Schools School Advisory Council Meeting

Prince Philip Public School participated in a joint Family of Schools School Advisory Council meeting on Thursday, October 23 at A.N. Myer S. S. Here is the presentation on Mindset from that meeting along with a very inspiring video that illustrates the power of mindset!

Mindset PowerPoint Presentation

Just put your mind to it - A must watch!